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Notice to Members – Board of Directors Vacancies

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that four Board of Directors vacancies will be created by the expiration of four current terms in April 2024. Each vacancy is for a three-year term.

The Board of Directors consists of 11 (eleven) individuals, all of whom must be a member of Homefield Credit Union. Each member of the Board serves in a voluntary capacity, meaning that no member is compensated for service. The Board meets once each month.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Nominating Committee of Homefield Credit Union is accepting applications from Homefield Credit Union members interested in appointment to the Board to fill such vacancy. Applications are available: Click Here to Apply.

An application must be accompanied by a résumé signed by the candidate and by another Homefield Credit Union member. The candidate must be a member of Homefield Credit Union for not less than 3 months, must be eligible for bond/fiduciary insurance coverage, and must meet certain statutory and regulatory requirements. Applications must be received by the Nominating Committee no later than the close of business on March 26, 2024. Applications may be sent by mail.

The Nominating Committee shall nominate one (1) candidate for each vacancy on the Board. The Chairperson shall contact each applicant that was not nominated to determine if they remain interested in having their name on the ballot below the slate of nominated candidates. All candidates stating such an interest shall appear on the ballot in this manner. Per Homefield Credit Union Bylaws, nominations from the floor are not permitted.

VOTING will be held if there is more than one candidate (nominee) for any of the open Board seats.

Applications are to be mailed to:
Homefield Credit Union
ATTN: Nominating Committee
86 Worcester Street
North Grafton, MA 01536