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A Surcharge-Free ATM Network, at Your Service

Homefield Credit Union has two full-service ATMs at its main office at 86 Worcester Street, North Grafton, and an additional full-service ATM at our Milford Branch at 138 South Main Street, Milford. Free, unlimited transactions are available at all Homefield Credit Union-owned machines. To provide further access, Homefield Credit Union partners with the Allpoint network, which gives you access to over 50,000 ATM machines surcharge-free, nationwide.

Replacement Cards

Please note that if you lose or misplace your card after hours, the best practice is to block it immediately by contacting our 24-hour hotline at 800-472-3272. Follow up with our office during usual business hours after blocking your card so we may secure a replacement* for you in the fastest manner possible.

*Replacement card fees may apply. Please refer to the fee schedule for details.