Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of Homefield Credit Union will be held on Thursday, April 27, 2023.

The Annual Meeting shall be conducted in compliance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 171 and with the Bylaws of Homefield Credit Union. A copy of the current Bylaws is available by request at

At 6:00 pm on April 27th, the Annual Meeting will commence at 86 Worcester Street – North Grafton, MA for the purpose of Election of Directors. Vice Chairman Peter Crepeault will open the Annual Meeting once a quorum has been established.

Mr. Crepeault will read the report prepared by the Nominating Committee. As there is only one candidate for each vacancy, Andrew Nelson, Board Chair, will call for Mr. Crepeault to cast one vote for each nominee. This vote will be recorded in the minutes of the Annual Meeting.

An introduction of the re-elected Directors, as well as any other business to come before the membership, will then be conducted.

Anyone interested in attending the Annual Meeting is asked to contact Kathy Fitzgibbon by phone at (508) 839-5493 or via email at

Director Peter Crepeault